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The Evangelist Shiraz

2015 / Shiraz / Barossa
WINE SERIES:Special Selections
MADE BY:Phil Lehmann

The Evangelist Shiraz

The Evangelist is sourced from three key sub-regions in the Barossa, each showcasing an distinguished example of old-vine-Shiraz.


Eden Valley: Grower Mick Hearnden,
  55-year-old plantings.
Ebenezer: Grower Warwick Murray, Resurrection Vineyard,
  80-year-old plantings.
Stonewell: Growers Paul & Angie Schutz,
  80-year-old Bush Vines

We cherish Barossa Old-Vine Shiraz for complexity and nuance, reflection of growing site, and depth of flavour. We blended these three parcels as an Evangelist for the ancient vines which inhabit this wonderful and wildly diverse growing region.